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Sometimes a child needs help taking out a loose tooth for the tooth fairy.  Other times a tooth has an infection and needs to be extracted. Either way, we are here to help.  Please call us right away if you have any concerns about a loose tooth, a tooth with pain, or a tooth coming in behind a baby tooth.  We can also help with extracting adult teeth for braces.

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When it is time to extract a tooth, we will start with a little numbing jelly.  This is a topical medicine that helps the gums fall asleep, which is followed by some “sleep juice” to help the tooth fall asleep.  Please remember in the clinic and home we don’t want to use words like “shot”, “needle”, or…”it’s going to hurt!”

Many patients report their cheeks or lips feel big and funny due to the medicine we place to numb the tooth. Sometimes, patients will feel a little pressure during the extraction which is normal. Other times they feel nothing at all! Between our caring staff and the cartoons playing, we aim for your child to have some fun during this procedure!

Your child will be awake for an extraction. We encourage using nitrous oxide or laughing gas to help your little one relax. Sometimes the laughing gas can make them so relaxed the do become sleepy.

We recommend placing baby teeth under your pillow for the tooth fairy of course! Also, we want for you to monitor your child until the numbness wears off to avoid accidently biting their cheeks. This could take 1-2 hours depending on how much medication was used.

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