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What is SDF ?

silver diamine fluoride in brightonSilver Diamine Fluoride, or SDF, is a special liquid medication that helps stop a cavity from growing further. It contains silver to fight bacteria, and fluoride to strengthen the enamel.  While this will not fix the hole in the tooth, it will buy us some time until we can fix it with a crown or filling. Think of it as hitting the pause button on the growth of the cavity. This is really useful in a young patient that is very uncooperative or not ready for dental procedures such as a filling or crown.

One big advantage is that we do not need to use a drill or give any shots! Some of the great properties include that it is odorless, painless, and well-tolerated. This can be a great treatment option for very young patients or patients that are very uncooperative. Once the patient is a little older and more cooperative we can place a filling or crown.

SDF will stain the cavity on the tooth black. It will only stain the cavity part of the tooth black, but not the healthy part of the tooth. Some parents are concerned with their kids having black teeth. Please note, this is to buy us time until the patient is older and more cooperative for a filling or crown to cover the black part. If your child moves and accidently gets SDF on their gums or skin during the procedure, it can leave a stain. This is temporary and will go away.

SDF will stain the cavity black. When placed on teeth in the back of the mouth, you may not even notice it.
Stops cavity growth


  • Great for young and uncooperative patients
  • Kills bacteria to prevent decay from spreading
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