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Our goal here at Kids City Dental is to make your child’s dental visit an easy and fun experience, especially their first! We understand some children and parents have reservations about visiting the dentist. A lot of these feelings come from not knowing what to expect. At our office, we are a big believer in showing and explaining everything we do in a fun way to your child. In doing so, we can eliminate any worries about the visit and gain the child’s confidence to set us up for a great appointment.

For every child to have a positive experience at their dental appointment, it is really important for each child to have a “fresh start” without any negative outside influences. Sometimes parents and older siblings want to prepare your little ones what to expect before and during a dental appointment, however, you can inadvertently share your own dental anxiety and fear with your child. Please avoid using threatening words like “shot”, “needle”, “pull”, “drill” and “pain”.

This is important, especially for a nervous child to know that there is nothing scary hiding.

before we start so he or she will know what to expect with no surprises.

like “blowing bubbles” for a shot, “straw” for suction straw, “special toothbrush” for dental drill, “taking pictures” for x-rays and etc…

We encourage positive behavior with positive reinforcement by rewarding your child with a prize. Your child can pick a prize of their choice at the end of the appointment!

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