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What is Myobrace?

Myobrace is system that looks a lot like a mouthpiece that football players wear. But it is specially designed to train the muscles of the tongue and face to position properly as well as encourage breathing through the nose. It is a series of mouthpieces that are worn as your child progresses in their treatment.
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Myobrace helps correct bad habits such as mouth breathing and incorrect swallowing which can be the underlying cause for crooked teeth.

While the Myobrace does some work, the majority of the work comes from the dental team, the parents, and the child! Think of it as going to a personal trainer to work out. Instead, this is a work out and training session for the muscle in the mouth! There is a series of exercises that the patient will master in conjunction with use of the myobrace devices.
Plan on wearing your myobrace for one hour a day plus at night while sleeping.

At your child’s check-up visits we will be evaluating your child for any issues that could be helped with myobrace. Be sure to call us if you have any questions, or schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

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