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What is a tongue tie?

Tongue tie or ankyloglossus can be present and lead to problems with breastfeeding in infants.  Later on it can cause problems with speech, eating, and disrupt natural development.  The problem stems from the band of tissue connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth.     Sometimes it is too tight or too thick, thus restricting the movement of the tongue.
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What can be done to treat a tongue tie?

We can perform a quick, in office procedure using a special laser to release the tongue tie.  Lasers helps minimize bleeding and improve post op times. This can be done inside our office for newborns as well as young children and even teens.

At what age can I fix a tongue tie?

Newborns all the way up to teens! If you have been told by your physician that this problem exists or you have suspicions, please contact us for an appointment.  During your child’s exam we will be evaluating for this.
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